lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

    In the  Bedroom , are two closet 
In the bedroom ,  there is a TV
In the  Bedroom , are  two pillow  
In the  Bedroom , are two DVD player 
In the bedroom ,  there is a  carpet 
In the Bedroom , are five Mirror
In the bedroom ,  there is a one puff


miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

The paper and the carton take place from the trees wherefrom there is obtained the cellulose, which is the fiber that serves to elaborate these products. To produce a ton of paper, they need to cut 15 trees.
Nowadays many as us (those that we are interested in helping to our planet) and many other persons (who still do not join this reason), we want or practise the recycling as something daily of our life, but we do not know many that things can retrain and that different not, or of that form to do it.
Generally we associate the recycling with the paper and the aluminium, but the quantity of products that can retrain thanks to the modern technology every time wide.
  is true that exist not recyclable products that on having been rejected damage seriously the environment and that generate big costs to the governments for the creation of sanitary landfills or another type of depòsitos. for the previous thing must have conscience and prefer products with the stamp of recyclable.

The paper the carton, glass, plastic that every day is mas important to do pubicidad in order that we all are aware

We recycle all

miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

International celebrations and comparison

In the United States, the Day of
 The Independence is a July 4.

 That falls down in full summer
 And it is celebrated traditionally
 With grills and fires Artificial.

 It is common to see all kinds
 Of clothes and adornments ,besides of
 Daily objects as plates,
 Glasses and napkins , forms
 With the colors of the flag.  

The independence of Venezuela
 It was a July 5/1811 the fundamental and
 essential act of the whole process.

This day is important for the Venezuela but it is
 not a holiday where it is decorated and they dress differently, 
alone it is one day where one does not work and takes of rest.


Hi. My name´s Jaffenys my favorite month of the year is June. I love to celebrate my birthday in June. My favorite day is Monday .Because it is the beginning of the week, but the day of my birthday also I like. My birthday is on June 20th, I was born in 1993 I’m 17 years old.